“I am convinced that excellence lies above all in simplicity.
I love fantasy and creating, having fun with food.
My cuisine is part of a tradition, where the flavors tell their story and are the real protagonists of a dish.
I love fish and it could not be otherwise, given the environment in which I grew up.
I choose only the highest quality products, respecting the preservation of the organoleptic characteristics, with minimal cooking.


In my dishes …
I transmit emotions and pleasures of the palate.”


Mirko Martinelli


Our Menus

- Emozioni -

Three appetizers tasting

- Il Crudino -

Daily Raw Variations (three courses)

- Grand Entree -

Five appetizers tasting

- Classichino -

Three appetizers, a starter and a dessert

- Tradizionale -

Three classic courses and a dessert

- Classicotto -

Three appetizers, a main course and a dessert

- Classico -

Three appetizers, two starters, a main course and a dessert

- Gran crudo -

Five courses and a dessert





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